With innovative thinking, curiosity and collaboration, I strive to elevate the brands I work on to produce solutions that meet business objectives. I lead creatives by inspiring positive culture, empowering teams and fostering strong relationships. I make it a priority to establish process and work methods to achieve a high level of quality, productivity and speed throughout the entire lifecycle of my work.

Awards + Recognition

Over the years, I’ve been published and recognized by Print magazine, How magazine, Folio Magazine, The Society of Typographic Arts (STA), The Chicago Design Archive, and the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE).


I’ve worked closely with Dave over the past ten years on various projects for my company—everything ranging from a brand overhaul to packaging design. Dave “gets it.” There aren’t too many creatives comfortable or capable of reaching beyond their realm of visual communication. Dave can. When we were preparing to launch our bottled beer he formulated a strategy that leveraged our key strength as a community favorite and carried it into powerful branding for our packaged product.

– Andy Burns, CEO, Emmett’s Brewing Co.

Designing with architectural teams, we have to understand people and character first, then we can advance into developing projects, building applications, and planning construction. This foundational philosophy is typically challenging for us, as engineers. One of the best decisions in my professional career was to engage Dave early in our company development. His experience with architects and the architectural industry was instrumental in guiding our philosophy of listening, applying, and adapting—enhancing projects through interactive teamwork. Our clients regularly compliment us on the positive impact of this philosophy. Additionally, Dave branded our company identity by designing our OE logo, creating a true representation of the perpetual cycle of “Listen, Apply, & Adapt” business strategy. His vision and execution of conceptualizing, designing, and marketing have been significant achievements for our professional engineering firm. 

– John Seaton, Principal, Oxford Engineering