You + Space + Time


Apollo Moon Landing, July 20, 1969

French designer, entrepreneur, and self-professed point on the autistic spectrum Angelique Adrianna Govy (a.k.a. govy) has contextualized the relative universal significance (or insignificance) of your birthday—or any other date meaningful to you. Govy, not a newcomer to Kickstarter, won the 2015 A’ Design Award for her first product design of the Yozakura Sake Set.


This project, currently funding, will materialize in the form of T-shirts and museum-quality posters (although there are rumblings that personally licensed vector files might be an option) and depicts the order of our universe on a given date and time in history.

It’s a nice reminder of the alternatives to mass-produced, cookie-cutter merchandising. It’s a simple, well thought out concept… personalized and executed with high-quality materials. Check it out.

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